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Industrial Automation and Control

Build Scalable, Smart Machines, and Enable Smart Manufacturing

Industrial Automation and Control

The rapid evolution of technology in industrial automation systems requires tighter integration between devices on the plant floor and the rest of the enterprise. This integration requires a secure network infrastructure, smart devices for efficient data collection, and the ability to turn data into actionable information.

The integration of control and information across the enterprise enables our customers to optimize their operations by connecting the plant, site, facility, and people. We deliver industrial automation and control through our control systems, motor control, and smart devices portfolios. The combination of these three platforms are architected and designed to help you build the most efficient industrial automation system to meet your needs.

A Scalable Portfolio for Industrial Automation

Built on Modern Technologies

As you start to build a connected enterprise, you will need an automation and control system with all devices seamlessly integrated rather than a collection of individual products. We have evolved our products, software, and services to help you bridge the gap between machinery-level systems and enterprise systems to improve decision making.

We offer scalable, future-proof, solutions built on contemporary technologies to help you to build a real-time, secure infrastructure that will help you deliver the most impactful results.

A Single, Secure Network Infrastructure

Integrating Industrial and Enterprise Systems

The need for manufacturers to improve what and how information is shared across their operations has increased. Receiving and using real-time information can help to enhance the agility and productivity of your business. With EtherNet/IP? networks, your plant and enterprise can be connected reliably and securely. We take a holistic, open-systems approach to securely connect your enterprise. Our products, solutions, and professional services can help you address your network infrastructure, industrial security, automation, and information solutions.

Scalable Computing

Get Even More from Your Machines and Equipment

Scalable computing integrates compute functionality into a range of devices that allow you to get more from your machines and equipment. It gives you the ability to get closer to the information, on the machine, where the decisions need to be made.

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