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Trust and Security

Our Commitment to Being Security Focused and Building Trust

Trust and security are important. We want to be transparent. Security is embedded into our operational culture and within our product and service offerings. Below are some key segments of security focus at Rockwell Automation and additional information in relation to those segments.

Security Governance and Compliance

We believe confidentiality, integrity, availability, and safety are all important aspects of security. Security is embedded throughout our organization by aligning all business operations to an industry standard security governance framework. Regular framework alignment review allows us to monitor, measure, and adjust in order to keep up to date with environmental or regulatory change as necessary.


We understand the complexity and the importance of privacy. Protection of your privacy and the privacy of personal information is an important element of our business operations. Our organization has established global policies and procedures that align with global regulations in order to successfully handle and protect privacy related information as necessary.

Product and Services Security

Security of industrial control systems is important especially as Operational Technology meets and communicates with traditional Information Technology environments. We have an industry certified secured software development lifecycle process in place in order to provide solutions designed with security in mind from the beginning to the end of the development stages. Design for security mentality, product updates and support, along with industrial security solutions all combine to help maintain a secure industrial environment.