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Legal Notices

Policies, Agreements, Terms, and Conditions

We encourage you to review our legal notices to build your understanding of Rockwell Automation.


Our commitment to fulfill obligations under the AODA and IASR.

End User License Agreement

Our software and documentation licensing terms and conditions.

Privacy and Cookies Policy

Outlines the types of information we may collect when you use our website.

Software Piracy Prevention

Prevention of unauthorized copying or distribution of copyrighted software. Report a piracy issue.

Terms and Conditions of Access

Legal agreement between any user of this website and Rockwell Automation.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Applicable to purchases of Allen-Bradley and Rockwell Software branded products and related services.

Terms of Purchase

Our terms and conditions applicable to purchases.

Terms of Technical Sales Support

Terms and conditions for the delivery of technical sales support services to the customer.


Trademarks owned and used by Rockwell Automation and our subsidiary entities.