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Our Community

We Help Make Our Communities More Productive and Sustainable

Our Community

Rockwell Automation and our dedicated employees care about the communities where we live and work. Our mission is to provide our community partners with access to resources that enhance productivity and sustainability.

Focused Giving

Targeting Our Resources for Greater Impact

Our philanthropic priorities are based on industry, company, and community needs. This approach makes the best use of our capabilities and improves the quality of life in our communities. This philosophy creates a talent pipeline for our company and industry.

We want to achieve a skilled workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers and community partners. We help to improve and increase STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education among young women and underrepresented groups.

We know we must contribute to the vibrancy and sustainability of our communities. We support programs that provide basic services, offer arts and cultural opportunities, foster civic leadership, and aid during disaster.

STEM Education

Building Skills for the Future

Every child can be an engineer, scientist, or technology leader. We need this talent to fuel the future to continue to create, invent, and innovate.

To help maintain a strong future workforce, we focus on improving STEM education for everyone, especially for young women, and underrepresented groups.

Lifelong Learning

People Are Our Most Important Asset

Lifelong learning provides Rockwell Automation a competitive advantage. A workforce that thrives has long been the fuel supply for the engine of growth for our industry. Advanced technology and innovation constantly require new skills that are not always found in the current workforce. An investment in lifelong learning allows manufacturers and industrial operators to prepare their operations and empower their workers for the challenges ahead.