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Endress+Hauser Strategic Alliance

Combined Strengths Deliver Value in Process

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Rockwell Automation and Endress+Hauser are committed to help meet your needs for complete process automation solutions. Core competencies of both companies deliver integrated pre-engineered, pre-tested, supported, and maintained instrumentation and control and information solutions. Benefit from plant-wide advanced diagnostics and overall process system lifecycle management through our joint solutions. We work across many industries with end users, Process OEMs, system integrators, and engineering firms with an integrated, flexible, scalable process system for value-add differentiation.

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Access Critical Data in Your Process

Collection of data is the first step in your Internet of Things (IoT) journey when you connect your production assets. Instruments gather information and integrate through the distributed control system to your plant-floor and business systems. A holistic view of your production health and insights to improve your manufacturing process is possible with joint solutions from our two companies.

Collaboration with Best-in-class Expertise

Integration from Instrumentation to Process Control System

Endress+Hauser and Rockwell Automation collaborate to use best-in-class instrumentation, software, and control systems. Our combined strengths complement each other and bring our specialized expertise to you in our joint solutions. Across many industries, we work with end-users, process OEMs, system integrators, and engineering firms to provide a fully functional, flexible, and scalable process system with tested interoperability and value-add differentiation.

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Device Integration Tools

Save Time and Money with Preconfigured Guidance

Reduce risk, implementation time, and integration costs. Endress+Hauser and Rockwell Automation develop joint integration tools for maximized flexibility, faster troubleshooting, and improved decision-making. Integrate Endress+Hauser instrumentation with a Rockwell Automation control system in just a few minutes without special training.

Hands-On Process Training

Process Training Units Provide Real-Life Experience

Endress+Hauser and Rockwell Automation recognize some skills are difficult to learn within classroom walls. Our two companies have come together to help you learn in an industrial environment with globally available Process Training Units? (PTUs). PTUs serve as “mini Process plants” for experience with operations, diagnostics, and troubleshooting found in real-life process plants. These fully functional process plants feature Endress+Hauser instruments that are integrated with the PlantPAx? process automation system from Rockwell Automation. The PTU combines theory and a hands-on approach to provide you with real-world experience in a safer, working process environment. PTUs are a go-to if you are seeking workforce training for your employees or students as they pursue their degree programs.

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