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Household and Personal Care

Automation and Control Solutions for Household and Personal Care Industries

Innovation for Your Future

Shorten Product Lifecycles and Improve Time-to-Market

Market segmentation. Niche products. Green packaging. Customizable product delivery and globalization. These industry realities are converging to pose challenges for manufacturers of household and personal care products.Challenges include:

  • Innovation:?Requiring faster production scale-up, greater recipe diversity, and products customized for age, gender, or geography
  • Sustainability: Requiring reductions in material and energy usage, renewable non-toxic packaging, cleaner production, and less waste
  • Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to government or industry standards

Our manufacturing automation and control solutions address your challenges and help shorten product lifecycles while improving time-to-market for soaps, cosmetics, detergents, toiletries, waxes, and chemical specialties. You can become a more agile, efficient producer with flexible formulations and multi-product process lines.

Household & Personal Care Solutions

Industrial Automation and Control

We deliver industrial automation and control through our control systems, motor control, and smart devices portfolios.

Digital Transformation

We understand that a profitable, safe, and sustainable operation is your goal.

Process Solutions

As the world leader in industrial automation and safety, we're ideally placed to support you in developing more efficient, safer, and more productive manufacturing solutions.

DCS Migration

Our migration solutions help you incorporate newer technologies at a phased pace that is comfortable for you.

Batch Control

Our batch control solutions provide a flexible control environment to help you meet your demands for increased production and improved yield.

Packaging Solutions

Meet the demands of packagers with customized equipment that is flexible enough to handle frequent line changes and scalable enough to handle new products.

Reduce risk and create value throughout your production lifecycle.

Automation Improves Operational Efficiency

From increased competition through the introduction of new products and keeping existing customers happy, we understand the challenges you face. Learn how our customers achieve consistent quality, increase throughput, and improve production efficiencies and energy usage with our integrated control and information solutions.

Ready to talk to a Rockwell Automation consultant?

We offer industry expertise to help design, implement and support your automation investment.

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