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Control Systems Configuration Tools

Accelerator Toolkits, Architecture Builder, and Sample Drawings Help Decrease Design Time

Control Systems Configuration Tools

Design and develop your control system more efficiently with our configuration tools such as Integrated Architecture Builder, our premier system configuration and layout software or our system configuration drawings that summarize best practices.

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Product Selection Toolbox

Download Integrated Architecture Builder, ProposalWorks,?and other desktop configuration and selection tools from our Product Selection Toolbox at no charge.

Integrated Architecture Builder Videos

Watch the following videos to learn how to use the many features in Integrated Architecture Builder. Use the sample projects and wizards to rapidly create and layout a control system. See how the tool will validate your system and subsystems and provide you with information on expected performance along with other system details and high quality graphics.

Why Use Integrated Architecture Builder

You can use IAB to configure your Logix-based automation systems (which includes the PlantPAx process automation system), select hardware, and generate bills of material. IAB can be used on applications that include controllers, I/O, networks, drives, cabling and wiring, motion control, and other devices.

IAB - General Overview Video

A general overview of the Integrated Architecture Builder Tool

IAB – EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool Wizard

This video describes how to use the EtherNet/IP Capacity Tool Wizard within the Integrated Architecture Builder tool.

IAB – Learning Materials Overview

Learn about how to use the Learning Materials in the Integrated Architecture Builder Tool.

IAB – Sample Projects Overview

Learn how to use the Sample Projects in the Integrated Architecture Builder tool to help you build your projects.

IAB – How to Use Views

Learn how to use the different views in Integrated Architecture Builder tool.

IAB - Project Design Assistant Feature

Learn how to use the Project Design Assistant Feature in the Integrated Architecture Builder tool.

Get the Product Catalog App

Available for IOS and Android Mobile Devices

Now available in the Apple Store and on Google Play, the Rockwell Automation Product Catalog App allows you to browse or search our comprehensive product catalog from your mobile device. Configure and select from thousands of industrial automation products. You can also search for your local distributor or sales office.?

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Product Catalog Mobile App

Configure and select from thousands of industrial automation products to meet your application requirements.

Accelerator Toolkits

Batch Application

Our Batch Application Toolkit is a collection of documentation, equipment phases, support routines, and associated HMI components. This collection can assist you in the development of a Batch Solution using Integrated Architecture or the PlantPAx? distributed control system.

Connected Components

Our Connected Components Accelerator Toolkit includes automation engineering design tools for the entire machine control application development. It allows you to concentrate on the intellectual property that produces compelling and differentiating machine features.

EtherNet/IP Toolkit

Our EtherNet/IP Toolkit provides easy to use resources for all phases of your EtherNet/IP implementation (design, configuration, commissioning, and troubleshooting) in one package.

Application Code Libraries for Retired Toolkits

Many of the past Accelerator Toolkits have been replaced with new and improved Application Code Libraries.

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